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same day taj mahal
DURATION:- One Day (All days except Friday)


Agra city, well identified as seat of power during Mughal reign. This city holds vibrant colors and historical buildings and with beautiful architecture giving an unparalleled experience to the tourists visiting here. Every year, people visit here to explore magnificent beauty and history behind these monuments.

In the Agra walking Tour package we help you to explore majestic forts and palaces in Agra along with the beautiful baghs, having a story behind its creation. Explore the local market with the fabulous handicraft work.

In the morning, our representative will pick up you from hotel and will drive you to Taj Mahal to experience its enchanting beauty. Taj Mahal –defining a saga of love through its architecture and intricate carving on the monument. This monument was constructed in the year 1653 by Shah Jahan for his love Mumtaz Mahal and known as "Symbol of Love". Taj Mahal also comes down in the list of Seven Wonders of the World. After this, we will visit Red Fort by car and take entry from Amar Singh Gate. Agra Fort is made up using red sandstone walls standing seventy feet high, with paradise garden. It has two assembly halls known as Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i-Khas, where the general public and official people were addressed by the ruler. Here great ruler was imprisoned and he died here.

After this we will take a lunch break and take a lunch in an AC restaurant, after the exquisite lunch we will drive you to Agra Fort Railway Station from there our walking tour next phase will start, we will walk to local market and wander around the local street of Kinari Bazar famous for selling spices, you can find shops which are there since Mughal period along with this you can try local street food which is spicy and sweet, giving you the indian flavour to your taste bud. Along with this try rickshaw ride in busy street of market place.

Later, we will walk to The Mankameshwar Temple –Lord Shiva ancient temple with great veneration of people. Devotees have great faith in him and believe that all the wishes are being fulfilled here. This temple is found by Lord Shiva himself during the birth of Lord Krishna.

During sunset, we will drive you to Mehtab Bagh for an amazing view of Taj Mahal from backdrop. This view leaves you awestruck at its first glance with the Yamuna River flowing in front and sunset. Here, you can click picture with beautiful background, and add new pictures to your collection.

After this lavish Walking tour, we will drop you back at the hotel with the lovely memories of local walking tour.

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